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About The Rose Gavel

The Rose Gavel was conceived as a cover concept for “It Takes a Woman” for author Melissa MacCrae in association with David Priesing dba Strayog Publications.

Melissa and I (David) had many casual coversations during the creation phase of “It Takes a Woman”. One such idea that occurred to me was about the need to create a new iconography for womens leadership issues, that would be outside the negative connotations sometimes associated with feminism. It occurred to me that Margaret Chase Smith, an avowed nonfeminist, with a sparkling reputation for integrity, always wore a rose on her lapel. The match to that part of the idea was to find a symbol for leadership in politics that is genderless, thus the gavel. The two were morphed for this cover exclusively.

The Rose Gavel is about women taking equal legislative control of a system that has been decidedly one-sided. It’s about social, political and economic equality of men and women.

I contracted Heritage Metalworks of Mesa Arizona to cast my copyrighted design of the Rose Gavel in Pewter. It’s now available exclusively from this site.

In addition I’ll be donating 20% of the all sales to The Women’s Development Institute E-mail:MWomenL@aol.com in Augusta, Maine, a nonprofit, nonlobbying wing of the Maine Women’s Lobby. I’d like to give customers a choice for donations, so I’m also including the League of Women Voters of Maine. Contributions to the “League of Women Voters of Maine” are not tax deductible because they do advocacy, but contributions to “LWV-Maine Education Fund” (which supports voter education projects, for example, getting Maine’s DNet site, www.dnet.org ready to be the place to go for November 2000 voter information) are tax-deductible. Mabel Wadsworth Women’s Health Center in Bangor, Maine is on my agenda to check as well.

I will post the donations amounts at a later date.

The Rose Gavel retails for 12.95 plus 5.5% state of Maine Sales Tax (.71¢ In-State sales only)

You may purchase the Rose Gavel through Goddess Publications order form or Straydog Publications order form.

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